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Element X2 Pure as a music streamer, which is a new member of our element sereis, welcome! To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Matrix Audio, we launched the element X2 Pure. The word "Pure" indicates "to achieve the purest thing", it carries Matrix's original intention of pursuing the pure sound, also expresses the design concept of simplicity that Matrix always believed in. We make the product more excellent, just for your picky ears, enjoy the music and meet the expectations of every listening.

The dual D/A design makes the best use of the chips and reaches perfection. The element X2 Pure is equipped with 2 pieces of ES9039PRO which is the new flagship by ESS. Each chip works in mono mode, every 8 D/A conversion units from 1 chip work in parallel, which effectively improves the dynamic range and reduces audio distortion, while making the circuit of left and right channels completely separated. Every appropriate design ensures an accurate reproduction of the sound, bringing more powerful audio performance and excellent listening experience.

The golden rule of industrial aesthetics can be found all over the product. The analog circuits of left and right channels have the same layout and components. They are designed exactly symmetrical. The analog circuit is completely covered by the CNC aluminum shield, which effectively ensures the heat dissipation of the op-amps and isolates the interferences. No matter inside or outside, the element X2 Pure exudes a pleasing and meticulous design.

The digital processing and D/A conversion circuit of element X2 Pure is electrically isolated, the ground wire of digital and analog parts are completely separated. The D/A and analog circuits are powered by ultra-low noise LDOs to obtain an extremely high SNR and dynamic range, leaving the background of music as silent as deep space.

Through the MA Remote App on your iPhone, iPad or Android phones, you can browse and playback your local music files, or connect to the UPnP media servers in your network, stream the music to Matrix devices. Your streaming accounts can be logged in to MA Remote App, you can browse the online streaming music in the app, and stream them to the Matrix devices. Internet radio stations from all over the world are available for you and do not require a login or payment. In addition, the power status, input/output channel, volume, plenty of hardware configurations and firmware updates, all of those could be done by the app. Everything is under your control, just enjoy the music.

If you own a big treasure of digital audio, MA player allows you to easily browse and play music in USB drives or NAS. If you prefer high-res online streaming, Spotify, TIDAL, Qobuz, HighResAudio and Internet radio will be your huge library of music. Roon Ready, DLNA/UPnP and AirPlay 2 bring you different music streaming experiences.

element X2 Pure integrates various streaming services and local file playback functions, which can be used as an excellent audio source. Through coaxial, optical and USB connection, it can be an external DAC of CD players, digital audio players or computers, which improves the sound performance of your existing audio system.

element X2 Pure not only has multiple digital input ports, it also has added analog input ports. Vinyl turntables with line outputs, CD players or other devices with analog outputs can be connected to your modern digital audio system through element X2 Pure. There are high, medium and low input gain options available to adapt to the different output levels of front-end devices.

The element X2 Pure has an HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) input. When connected to display devices such as TVs and projectors including HDMI ARC functionality, the digital audio from the HDMI signal can be transferred to element X2 Pure for higher quality playback. If the display device supports HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) protocol, the playback on element X2 Pure can be controlled by this display device.

element X2 Pure has built-in a superb pre-amplifier with +10dB analog gain. When the pre-amp is enabled, it can output high-quality audio signals up to 15.8VRMS, combined with Hyper-Control technology, let the entire output range keep ultra-low noise and distortion. When paring with the brand-new audio power amplifier element P2, there is no need to add a standalone pre-amp to the system. The matching design satisfies you with both visual and listening, providing abundant power to various speakers.

Async and Sync modes still available for element X2 Pure. In Async mode, the 2 D/A chips use the Crystek CCHD950 femtosecond clock with lower phase noise as the master clock, and the clock from the front-end device will be abandoned. In Sync mode, the built-in femtosecond clock will be turned off, and the D/A chip depends on the clock of the front-end device completely.

The brand-new RM4 remote control has added playback control functions, making it more convenient to switch tracks, play, pause and other operations. With the 2 programmable buttons which can be set to your frequently used functions through the MA Remote App. The material of aluminum and plastic makes the remote control touch comfortable.

The element X2 Pure is equipped with a 3.46 inch LCD touch screen. The playback touch keys, the MA Remote App and the physical remote control make the element X2 Pure easier to use.

The integrated 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi antenna gives element X2 Pure a tidy and clean appearance and a flexible connection option. Equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port, which gives a more stable connection when streaming high sampling rate audio files, ensures the music data transports into your audio system smoothly.

The element X2 Pure is so lucky to be the first product equipped with CBVB pads. The core of CBVB is made of ceramic balls and silicone rubber. There are 6 ceramic balls in each pad to minimize the noises caused by mechanical vibration. The transparency of the sound is further improved, creating a wide and clear sound stage for you.

We used KG series audio capacitors from Nichicon as the main filter capacitors of element X2 Pure. Its extremely low internal resistance and inductance can effectively match the energy requirements of large dynamics and continuous rich low frequencies playback.

We customized a new O-core toroidal transformer which has silver-plated output wires with Teflon insolation. Compared with regular toroidal transformers, the circular cross-section magnetic core reduces the resistance of the transformer, which increases efficiency and response speed of the transformer.


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