TRUTHEAR x Crinacle ZERO:RED is Ready!

TRUTHEAR x Crinacle ZERO:RED is Ready!

by C G on May 20, 2023

A shiny RED star rise!

You might notice some "red" information on some social accounts several times. Now, let's unveil it!

It has been nearly 1 year since the TRUTHEAR x Crinacle ZERO was introduced, as we all know, it got highly well-praised and became a hit. And today, a sister version of ZERO is showing, ZERO:RED,  which was re-tuned by TRUTHEAR x Crinacle based on a successful precursor. Read on to see if it's the IEM that you're looking for!

ZERO:RED houses double dynamic driver configuration, with a diameter of 10mm and the other diameter of 7.8mm, the mature internal magnetic circuit structure co-worked with a flexible polyurethane suspension composite LCP liquid crystal dome diaphragm, but it has totally different inner configuration between standard ZERO, which makes RED offer better objective indicators while meeting the needs of R&D.


The same idea of frequency division is combined with completely different dynamic driver to form a brand-new system, in which the 7.8mm dynamic driver responsible for mids and treble uses a specially adjusted ultra-fine CCAW voice coil, which keeps the vibration system lightweight and makes sure the resonance frequency closer to the target curve and a smoother response. The 10mm dynamic driver responsible for bass accurately adjusts the number of the voice coil to meet the needs of the new frequency division circuit; At the same time, the diaphragm structure is adjusted, which makes the objective measurements such as nonlinear distortion significantly improved and has better bass response.

Relying on the high-precision DLP-3D printing technology, the acoustic nozzle structure with filtering function and the accurately calculated RC frequency division form a hybrid double frequency division, which makes the two dynamic drivers perform respectively, offering the closer design goal of objective indicators.


The R&D target of RED acquires totally new from TRUTHEAR, based on the original excellent objective index of ZERO, the nonlinear distortion of RED is further optimized at higher sound pressure level (>94dB), and its frequency response target curve has bass amplitude response characteristics similar to the public preference curve, while the target curve of CRINACLE IEF_Neutral is adopted in the frequency band above 1000Hz.

This characteristic provides the punchiest bass without affecting the sound of higher frequency bands; Compared with ZERO, RED is relatively less in dynamic  but still conforms to the characteristics of HRTF, which makes RED very suitable for long listening without fatiguing. Sonically, The treble of RED is bright without irritating, dispatching a warm, natural and pleasing performance.


Another important objective factor of multi-driver earphones is the phase. The full-frequency phase of ZERO:RED is highly consistent, and there is no convergence issue that occurs in common multi-driver earphones, eliminating the unnatural listening experience caused by phase distortion.

TRUTHEAR not only pursues excellent objective measurements, but also attaches great importance to the optimization and improvement of processing technology; The cavity of ZERO:RED is still a sandwich-like structure (front cavity, decorative panel, and a few drops of glue to fill the seams). It directly realizes the natural smooth radian of the panel by using 3D printing technology, supplemented by a few of drops of glue to fill the seams, and combines with hand-made polishing and automatic gloss painting, offering an exquisite faceplate, and ensuring a durable and reliable structure.

If you're seeking a reasonable IEM, yet without your budget in distress, ZERO: RED should be a solid first entry. As always, any suggestions, comments, and feedback are welcome, live chat with us or email for any support you want.

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