by C G on Dec 10, 2022

The twins of E70 with higher capabilities!


TOPPING has announced numerous superior DACs, including the D series, and E series, all of which play very well and get many high-praised! And this time, TOPPING updates its E series and invites E70 VELVET to be a new member! From what it is named, E70 VELVET is an upgrade version of E70!

This DAC is priced very competitively, as TOPPING always provides, to offer maximum efficiency in terms of cost performance! Let's follow TOPPING!


Yes, it's high-end! E70 V comes with the latest flagship D/A chip named AK4499EX to noticeably improve sound quality! As concerned as the XMOS, It incorporates the latest XU316, and supports the DSD512&PCM768kHz. USB input of E70 VELVET has a wide range of compatibility, including Windows 10, Windows 11, MAC Linux, and IOS. Android.

The brand new Low-noise voltage reference power supply effectively reduces the output noises and distortions to an excellent level. Based on this design, the distortion of E70 VELVET is as low as -125dB and the noise is no higher than 1.3uVrms. In addition, its THD+N is already lower than 0.00006% (A-weighted), accurately restoring the music to every detail.

Furthermore, E70 VELVET supports Hi-Res Audio Wireless and LDAC. It uses the premium-tier QCC5125 chipset to support LDACIAAC/SBC/aptX/ aptX LL/aptX HD/aptX Adaptive protocol by Bluetooth 5. 1. To get even better sound quality from Bluetooth, we abandon the built-in DAC of QCC5125 and connect it's a digital signal to AK4499EX to decode.

TOPPING understands that in addition to the more versatile XLR 4V and RCA 2V outputs, there are also extensive needs for XLR 5V and RCA 2.5V. E70 VELVET adds options to set this to meet a wider range of needs. When XLR 4V and RCA 2V are selected, more devices can be adapted; when XLR 5V and RCA 2.5V are selected, the performance will be pushed from extreme to more extreme.

E70 VELVET not only works as DAC, but also as a great preamplifier, It allows to control of the output volume from -99dB to 0dB by the knob or by the remote control. It will provide great convenience when connected to a power amplifier or monitor speakers.

Besides product performance, TOPPING also pays attention to the convenience of product aesthetic design and control. Hearing, vision and touch have been unified on the E70 VELVET.

If you need a solid, versatile DAC, E70 VELVET would definitely be the top recommended in this price range! As always, feel free to comment, live chat with us, or email at

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