New Product Releases

TOPPING PA5 Power Amplifier Launched Now

A new family member is showing up, the Topping PA5, a high-power balanced digital power amplifier with a 4-ohm output capacity of 140W x2. It is available in our store now for USD349.00. The distor...

22 Nov, 2021
Firmware Update

Matrix Element Series Firmware Update

Earlier this year, Matrix announced their first Spotify Connect enabled product, the streaming DAC X-SABRE 3. And now they have announced the new firmware for Matrix element devices are available f...

16 Nov, 2021
New Product Releases

SMSL D300 Rohm BD34301EKV Audio DAC

SMS brought out the latest desktop audio decoder, the SMSL D300, equipped with Rohm's flagship DAC chip BD34301EKV, launched for USD 399.99. ROHM audio IC pursues both the numerical values...

16 Nov, 2021
New Product Releases

Gustard U18 Audio Interface Available Now

An updated device for Gustard one series system, the DDC U18 launched fo USD499.00, is the new generation USB audio interface and the upgraded version of U16. U18 has 10M BNC and Type-B USB inputs,...

11 Nov, 2021

Double Eleven & Black Friday SALE

Time for the global annual biggest sales events, Black Friday Deals period is from 22 November 2021 to 28 November 2021. SHENZHENAUDIO will be your one-stop destination for audio gears. Also, do no...

08 Nov, 2021
New Product Releases

TOPPING U90 USB Bridge Available Now

TOPPING has released their first professional-grade USB interface, TOPPING U90, which allows computers to output high-quality digital signals so that users can use better DACs to obtain better soun...

09 Nov, 2021
Audio Product Previews


The ECHO true wireless earphones from Tanchjim are a source of intrigue. Latest updated news, it will be launched in gloabal market on November 8th for USD 99.99. ECHO follows the triangular physiq...

06 Nov, 2021
New Product Releases


MOONDROP has officially announced their new products on HiFI TWS line-up, the NEKOCAKE, headed in consumer level, priced at USD 42.99. It is a kind of TWS with sound quality as its core, active noi...

26 Oct, 2021